Google’s New Money Mastermind: From Pharma to Tech Giant


Alphabet Welcomes New Chief Financial Officer from Eli Lilly

Google Headquarters

In a highly anticipated move, Eli Lilly’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Anat Ashkenazi, will take on the same role at Alphabet, Google’s parent company, effective July 31st. This announcement brings to a close a long-standing leadership transition within Alphabet, as current CFO Ruth Porat steps into a new role as President and Chief Investment Officer.

A Seasoned Innovator Joins the Team

Ashkenazi brings over two decades of financial expertise to Alphabet. Her career at Eli Lilly has spanned various leadership positions, including CFO since 2021. She played a pivotal role in managing the significant revenue generated by the pharmaceutical company’s weight loss and diabetes medications.

A Legacy of Success

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai hailed Ashkenazi’s appointment: “We’re thrilled to have her join our team. Her proven track record in driving strategic investments for innovation and growth is a perfect fit for Alphabet.”

Shifting Tides at Alphabet

This leadership transition marks a significant change for Alphabet’s finance department. Porat, who has led the company to immense growth and profitability, played a crucial role in shaping Google’s financial strategy amidst various challenges. She leaves behind a solid foundation for her successor.

  • Investment Focus: Google recently restructured its finance unit to prioritize investments in AI, with Ashkenazi expected to continue this focus.
  • Global Reach: Alphabet’s finance department oversees a vast international operation, posing a significant challenge for Ashkenazi.
  • Executive Departures: Porat’s departure is part of a broader shift at Alphabet, with high-profile executives departing in recent years, including YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and AI authority Geoffrey Hinton.

These changes underscore the evolving landscape of Alphabet, as it navigates technological advancements and regulatory scrutiny.

Industry Impact

Ashkenazi’s appointment is closely watched by the financial world. Her ability to navigate the complexities of Alphabet’s vast empire will be a key factor in the company’s continued success. It is expected that she will guide the company’s financial strategy through a period of rapid growth and technological disruption.

As Google continues to push the boundaries of innovation, Ashkenazi’s leadership will be crucial in ensuring the company retains its position as a global technology powerhouse.