Hertz’s ,000 EV Revolution: A Smarter Way to Own a Tesla Today


**The EV Race: Hertz Wins the ,000 Electric Car Challenge, but at a Cost**

The automotive industry’s high-stakes race to produce a ,000 electric vehicle has come to a surprising end, thanks to an unexpected move by Hertz Global Holdings.

**Hertz Offloads Teslas, Signaling a Market Slowdown**

Since January, Hertz has been flooding dealerships with 20,000 used Tesla vehicles from its rental fleet, effectively dominating the market for used EVs. This strategy, once hailed as a bold move in Hertz’s electric ambitions, now reveals an industry-wide awakening to the reality of EV adoption.

While EV sales have soared in the past few years, growth has recently stalled. Automakers are now shifting their focus to hybrids, acknowledging that the transition away from gas-powered vehicles is not happening as quickly as anticipated.

Hertz electric vehicle test drive
Hertz’s massive sale of used Teslas reflects a shift in the EV market. (Rodin Eckenroth | Getty Images Entertainment | Getty Images)

**A Bright Spot for Savvy Consumers: Discounted Used EVs**

For savvy consumers, however, this turn of events presents an opportunity. Hertz Car Sales is offering its used Teslas at attractive prices with no-haggle policies. Each vehicle undergoes a 115-point inspection and comes with a limited powertrain warranty and vehicle protection plans. Buyers also qualify for potential federal and state tax credits.

Furthermore, there’s a caveat: these vehicles have been extensively rented, potentially resulting in higher mileage and wear and tear.

**Navigating the Used EV Market with Tech Assistance**

The EV buying landscape is constantly evolving, and technology is playing a major role. Consulting online resources, such as CarGurus’ GenAI tool, can empower consumers with valuable information.

These chatbots can provide personalized advice, compare different purchase options, and even guide buyers through the negotiation process. While they cannot make the final decision, they can significantly simplify the research and preparation stages.

**A More Informed Consumer, a More Transparent Market**

The advancements in automotive technology and consumer knowledge are creating a more transparent and empowered used car market.

For those seeking a used EV, Hertz Car Sales presents an appealing option, but be sure to thoroughly inspect the vehicle before making a decision.

Remember, the goal is to navigate the used EV market with confidence, taking advantage of the tools and information available to make an informed choice that fits both your budget and your driving needs.

Data sourced from: cnbc.com