Mazatlán Madness: Why I’m Skipping the Eclipse Cash Grab


Prepare yourself, astronomy enthusiasts! The awe-inspiring total solar eclipse is just around the corner, with Mazatlán, Mexico, emerging as a prime viewing spot. An influx of visitors is eagerly making their way to witness this celestial wonder firsthand.

A Resurgence in Tourism

The impact of this celestial event is undeniable. Searches for Airbnb listings along the path of totality have skyrocketed by 1,000%. Mazatlán, alongside Austin, Texas, has become a highly sought-after destination for American travelers, while tourism officials in Sinaloa anticipate a whopping 120,000 visitors. Mazatlán’s hotels are already brimming with reservations, and private rentals are also being snapped up.

Profitable Temptations

The eclipse has also ignited a fervor for exorbitant rental prices. Rumors of nightly rates as high as 0 for a week have been circulating for the past few years. Local homeowners and vacation rental owners are eager to capitalize on this opportunity, with one family reportedly charging four times their usual rate for their vacation condos.

Amidst these temptations, I, a Mazatlán resident of 16 years, have made a conscious decision: I will not be renting out my apartment. Here’s why:

The Aggravation Factor

Mazatlán is no stranger to large-scale events. The city pulsates with life during festivals like Carnaval and International Motorcycle Week, bringing thousands of visitors and an onslaught of traffic, noise, and congestion. Although I’ve become accustomed to these gatherings, the idea of the eclipse as “just another big event” left me feeling jaded.

Life After Mazatlán

Furthermore, I am eagerly anticipating a new chapter in my life, one that does not include Mazatlán. I have set my sights on San Antonio Tlayacapan, a serene lakeside town near Guadalajara. With a move planned and a buyer lined up for my apartment, my departure schedule was flexible.

Money vs. Peace of Mind

It would be disingenuous to deny the allure of the potential income. However, I have come to value peace of mind above financial gain. The prospect of managing renters amidst the inevitable water shortages, sewage issues, and horrendous traffic that accompany such a mass influx of tourists held no appeal.

Instead, I opted to prioritize my well-being and focus on the logistics of my impending move. With my apartment packed and sold, I bid farewell to Mazatlán on March 12th. Since then, I have received updates on the increasing chaos as the city gears up for the eclipse. While others navigate the crowds, I am blissfully setting up my new home, surrounded by tranquility.

In making this decision, I have gained a profound sense of freedom and tranquility that far outweighs any financial rewards I could have earned. Mazatlán’s eclipse will be an unforgettable event, but I am content to experience it from afar, knowing that my life is moving in a new and exciting direction.

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