Mbappe’s Move to Real Madrid: Unmasking the Million-Dollar Deal


Mbappé’s Mammoth Move to Real Madrid: A Signing Bonus Bonanza

After months of speculation, French soccer sensation Kylian Mbappé has finally sealed a blockbuster deal with Real Madrid, sending shockwaves through the soccer world. According to insiders, Mbappé is set to receive an astonishing £85 million (8.4 million) signing-on bonus over the next five years.

Unveiling the Deal

LA News Center reported that Real Madrid confirmed the much-anticipated move in a brief statement, announcing an agreement for Mbappé to don the legendary white jersey for the next five seasons. However, the financial details were kept under wraps.

Media outlets have painted different pictures of the deal’s financial aspects. Sky Sports claims Mbappé will pocket a signing bonus of £85 million, paid in installments over five years. The BBC, on the other hand, reports a 150 million euro (2.9 million) signing-on bonus, spread over five years, along with 15 million euros per season. Notably, Mbappé is said to retain a percentage of his image rights.

Mbappé’s Dream Come True

For years, Mbappé has made no secret of his desire to join Real Madrid. His social media announcement was filled with jubilation: “So happy and proud to join the club of my dream @realmadrid.”

Mbappé added, “Nobody can understand how excited I am right now.” His post featured heartwarming images of a young Mbappé draped in a Real Madrid jacket, including one where he shared a moment with soccer icon Cristiano Ronaldo.

Scoring Records and a Champions League Triumph

Mbappé’s signing comes shortly after Real Madrid celebrated their 15th triumph in the coveted Champions League. In the previous season, he netted 44 goals for Paris Saint-Germain, propelling the club to their twelfth Ligue 1 title. For the past six years, he has reigned as the leading scorer in the French top division.

Image of Kylian Mbappé wearing a Real Madrid jacket