RBC CFO Terminated Over ‘Close Relationship’ Violation


Royal Bank of Canada has been rattled by a workplace scandal
involving its former CFO.

Love, Favoritism, and Broken Rules

In a shocking turn of events, the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has bid farewell to its Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Nadine Ahn, after an internal probe unearthed an undisclosed and intimate relationship with a subordinate.

This clandestine affair violated the bank’s code of conduct, leading to preferential treatment for her lover in the form of promotions and salary hikes. As a result, both employees have been shown the exit door.

Financial Integrity Remains Untarnished

Despite the scandal, LA News Center can confirm that the investigation found no evidence of foul play regarding the bank’s financial statements, strategy, or performance. These crucial aspects remain unaffected.

Ahn’s Ascent and Abrupt Demise

Ahn, who previously headed investor relations at RBC, ascended to the CFO position in September 2021. However, her tenure has been cut short due to these unfortunate events.

An Unspoken Bond

  • Internal inquiries revealed Ahn’s undisclosed close personal relationship with another employee.
  • This bond led to preferential treatment for the subordinate.
  • Both individuals were subsequently terminated.

Seeking Clarification from the Former CFO

Efforts to reach Ahn for comment have been unsuccessful. Further insights into her perspective and the circumstances surrounding this dismissal would provide invaluable context.

Maintaining Corporate Governance

RBC’s swift and decisive action underscores its commitment to ethical conduct and strict compliance with its internal policies. By unearthing and addressing such transgressions, the bank safeguards its integrity and preserves its reputation as a trusted financial institution.

Data sourced from: cnbc.com