Revealed: The Only 3 ETFs to Conquer a Decade of Market Turbulence


Unearthing the Lucrative Trio of ETFs Riding the Wave of Consistent Returns

In an era defined by market fluctuations, a select few ETFs have defied the odds, consistently delivering double-digit annual returns over the past five years. CNBC Pro research has identified these exceptional performers, offering investors a beacon of stability in an otherwise turbulent sea of investments.

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The Anomaly: ETFs Overcoming Market Volatility

Through a rigorous screening of 8,300 equity ETFs worldwide, using FactSet data, CNBC Pro has uncovered a rare breed of funds that have consistently outpaced the market, delivering remarkable returns:

  • SPDR S & P Metals & Mining ETF (XME)
  • VanEck Steel ETF (SLX)
  • NEXT NOTES Japan Equity High Beta Select 30 ETF (2068.T-JP)

SPDR S & P Metals & Mining ETF: A Broad-Based Powerhouse

XME extends a diversified embrace to the metals and mining sector, investing in 32 stocks across companies involved in extracting aluminum, coal, copper, gold, and more. Its portfolio also has a notable presence in steel processing companies.

XME has consistently exceeded the S & P 500 index, outperforming it in two of the past five years. Over the entire period, it has generated an impressive 154% in cumulative returns, eclipsing the S & P 500’s 128%.

VanEck Steel ETF: Steel Sector Specialist with a Proven Track Record

Unlike XME’s diversified approach, SLX focuses solely on the steel sector, investing in 27 stocks representing key players in the industry.

SLX has also outpaced the S & P 500 in four of the past five years. Its impressive cumulative return of 148% over the period is a testament to its ability to navigate market challenges.

NEXT NOTES Japan Equity High Beta Select 30 ETF: Navigating Volatility with Precision

2068.T-JP is a unique offering in the world of ETFs, employing a smart beta strategy. It meticulously identifies the most liquid, large-cap stocks in Japan that exhibit high beta, making them reactive to the market’s fluctuations.

2068.T-JP seeks to capture the momentum and volatility inherent in high beta stocks, with the potential for significant returns.

Analyst Consensus: Uptrend Momentum for ETFs

FactSet’s analysis of analyst price targets paints an optimistic picture for these ETFs over the next 12 months:

  • XME: Over 17% upside potential
  • SLX: Over 18% upside potential
  • 2068.T-JP: No analyst price target data available


The SPDR S & P Metals & Mining ETF, VanEck Steel ETF, and NEXT NOTES Japan Equity High Beta Select 30 ETF stand as exceptional investments, consistently delivering double-digit annual returns for the past five years. Their diverse approaches and impressive track records make them valuable additions to any investment portfolio.

As the financial landscape continues to evolve, these ETFs offer investors a haven of stability and the potential for substantial growth.