Russia’s Bloody Push in Eastern Ukraine: 5 Villages Fall, Offensive Intensifies


Russian Forces Make Strides in Eastern Ukraine, Setting Their Sights on Kharkiv

Ukrainian volunteers assist residents of settlements in the north of the Kharkiv region during their evacuation.

Amidst the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, Moscow has escalated its offensive in the eastern Kharkiv region, gaining control over several key border villages.

Moscow Advances in Kharkiv

On Saturday, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that its forces had seized five villages directly adjacent to the Russian border:

  • Pletenivka
  • Ohirtseve
  • Borysivka
  • Pylna
  • Strilechna

In addition, Russian troops captured the village of Keramik in the Donetsk region, continuing their gradual advance after securing the Ukrainian stronghold of Avdiivka in February.

Kharkiv Under Constant Attack

Ukrainian officials have reported that Russia has launched a renewed offensive against the Kharkiv region, targeting the major city of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest.

Kharkiv Governor Oleh Syniehubov stated that Russian forces continued their attacks on Saturday and were attempting to advance further into the region.

Russian Strategy and Ukrainian Resistance

Initially attacked by Russian forces in February 2022, Kharkiv region was mostly liberated by a Ukrainian counter-offensive in September of that year. However, Russia has been shelling the neighboring Belgorod region from Kharkiv.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed the need to create a buffer zone in Kharkiv region to protect Russian territory from Ukrainian attacks.

Battlefield Dynamics

Russia currently occupies approximately 18% of Ukrainian territory, primarily in the eastern and southern regions. Moscow has gained ground since the failure of Ukraine’s 2023 counter-offensive, as Russian troops have adopted strong defensive positions.

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