Step Inside the Immersive Cinema Revolution: Feel the Fury of 4DX


Embark on an Immersive Cinematic Adventure with 4DX

As George Miller’s latest masterpiece, “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga,” explodes onto the silver screen, a revolutionary cinematic experience awaits at its core: 4DX.

The Multi-Sensory Movie Revolution

Step into the Wasteland of “Furiosa” through 4DX, where advanced technology and precision programming immerse you like never before. The thunderous roar of motorcycles reverberates through your seat, while gunpowder fills the air, stimulating your senses into a frenzy. A gentle spray of water mimics rain droplets, touching your face as it beads on the screen.

“We make movies different,” remarks Duncan Macdonald, head of worldwide marketing for CJ 4DPlex Americas. “Our motion capabilities and environmental effects transport you right into the action.”

A Cinematic Escape from the Ordinary

In a world abuzz with streaming services and home theaters, 4DX offers a tantalizing reason to venture back to the cinema. Moviegoers crave premium experiences that enhance their entertainment, and 4DX delivers, transcending traditional viewing into an unforgettable multi-sensory journey.

“Premium movie theater experiences are essential to the industry,” says Paul Dergarabedian, of Comscore. “4DX’s ability to bring movies to life fills a pivotal role.”

Sensory Effects that Hit Home

From chocolate-scented air in Warner Bros.’ “Wonka” to the aerial maneuvers of fighter jets in “Top Gun: Maverick,” 4DX seamlessly integrates practical effects into its cinema experience.

“It’s complementary to traditional moviegoing,” adds CJ 4DPlex Americas CEO Don Savant. “4DX appeals to younger audiences who crave more experiential viewing.”

A Thriving Industry and Growing Reach

With ticket prices averaging more than regular showings, 4DX has proven its worth. Last year, it netted a substantial .4 million in domestic sales.

“The higher price doesn’t deter audiences,” notes Dergarabedian. “It represents a solid value proposition for an unparalleled big-screen experience.”

For blockbusters like Disney’s “Avatar: The Way of Water,” 4DX has been particularly lucrative, raking in over .6 million – an impressive 3.6% of the film’s total box office haul.

Cinematic Artists at the Controls

Precision programming lies at the heart of 4DX. Based in Seoul, expert teams craft the perfect balance of motion and effects, treating each film as a unique work of art.

“Every film is different, so we approach each one with a discerning eye,” explains Macdonald.

Filmmakers lend their expertise in a symbiotic relationship, suggesting optimal moments for effects to amplify the narrative impact.

“4DX programmers are true artists,” enthuses Savant. “They transform seats into subwoofers and fog machines into ethereal brushstrokes.”

“It’s the most dynamic way to experience cinema,” proclaims Savant.

With over 750 screens worldwide and plans to add 50-60 new screens each year, 4DX continues to captivate audiences. Dive into the depths of cinematic immersion and discover the world of movie magic from a whole new perspective.

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