Taiwan Quake: Dramatic Rescue of Stranded Miners Amidst Unending Aftershocks


A Helicopter’s Dramatic Rescue Amidst the Devastation

In a heartwarming and dramatic rescue mission, a helicopter swooped in on Thursday to pluck six miners from a precarious cliff in Hualien’s rugged mountains. The miners had become stranded after the 7.2-magnitude quake devastated the region, cutting off roads.

Death Toll and Aftershock Fears

The death toll from Wednesday’s devastating earthquake has risen to 10, with a staggering 1,067 injured. Authorities continue to search for the remaining 660 people who remain trapped, primarily in hotels in the Taroko National Park.

Over 300 aftershocks have sent tremors through the region, leaving residents in a state of unease. Many have spent the nights outdoors, fearing the instability of their homes.

The Isolated City of Hualien

Hualien, a sparsely populated county and epicenter of the quake, is facing an isolating challenge. The once-peaceful roads have turned into debris-strewn paths, cutting off access to the outside world.

Despite the overwhelming circumstances, the people of Hualien are rallying together, setting up temporary shelters and distribution points to provide essentials to those affected.

Recovering Valuables from Doomed Buildings

Rescuers continue to clear hazardous buildings and pull out trapped individuals. However, once deemed safe, anxiety-stricken residents are returning to the wreckage of their homes to retrieve their precious belongings.

With the help of helmets and guidance from government officials, residents are given limited time to gather what little they can from their shattered dwellings. Some even resort to tossing their possessions out of windows to retrieve them.

A Tale of Resilience and Fear

“This building is beyond repair,” lamented Tian Liang-si, a fifth-floor resident of a heavily damaged apartment. “I never imagined an earthquake could terrify me like this.”

Despite her fear, Tian Liang-si remains a resilient soul, recalling the harrowing moment the quake struck and her desperate attempts to save her beloved pets.

LA News Center Reports from the Frontlines

Our team at LA News Center is on the ground in Hualien, bringing you firsthand accounts and up-to-date information on the rescue efforts, aftershocks, and the challenges facing the affected communities.

Stay tuned for the latest updates and inspiring stories of courage and resilience in the aftermath of this devastating earthquake.