Unlock the Secrets of Finnish Work Culture: How to Stay Happy and Productive at Work


Unlocking the Secrets of Finnish Workplace Harmony: 5 Phrases Driving Employee Flourishing

Imagine strolling into an office where open communication flows like the purest water, teamwork is the bedrock, and well-being reigns supreme. This is not a utopia but the reality at Framery, a Finnish manufacturing giant that has crafted a thriving workplace environment.

Anni Hallila, Head of People and Culture at Framery, guides us through the heart of Finnish work culture, introducing five key phrases that shape its unwavering commitment to employee satisfaction and engagement.

1. “The person who asks questions will not stray away from the path.”

In Finland, flat hierarchies are the norm, empowering individuals to voice their perspectives like their leaders. This mindset fosters trust and a sense of shared responsibility. Hallila emphasizes that “anyone can ask questions” to identify issues and pave the way forward as a united team.

2. “A crazy person does a lot of work; a smart person gets away with less.”

Hallila advocates for a smarter, not harder approach. Leaders prioritize clear expectations to keep employees focused on the most impactful tasks. “It’s not about being lazy,” she says, “but about choosing what to focus on wisely and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.”

3. “Put the cat on the table.”

Here, Hallila draws a parallel to addressing uncomfortable issues head-on. “We believe in a culture where we bring concerns to the table openly and honestly,” she explains, trusting that communication is the path to resolution.

4. “Whatever you leave behind, you will find in front of you.”

This phrase serves as a gentle reminder to tackle issues promptly. “If you ignore problems, they will only resurface later,” Hallila cautions. Finnish workplaces encourage timely discussions to prevent future obstacles.

5. “Going toward the tree with your back first.”

Envision a person recklessly approaching a tree and colliding with it. This analogy highlights the importance of planning and considering the potential consequences of actions. “Involvement in strategic planning makes employees feel valued and ensures they understand and contribute to the company’s vision,” Hallila explains.

By embracing these Finnish phrases, Framery has cultivated a workplace where engagement, innovation, and well-being thrive. As we explore other global perspectives, these insights offer valuable lessons for organizations seeking to create a fulfilling and productive work environment for their employees.

Remember, landing your dream job is not a matter of luck but deliberate planning and execution. By understanding the secrets of Finnish workplace harmony, you can unlock your full potential and find a career that ignites your passion.

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