Bizarre Yoga Break-In: Flexible Burglar Hits Bakery


Earlier this month, a curious case unfolded in Melbourne, Australia, when a surveillance camera captured a peculiar sight outside Phillippa’s Bakery. A “flexible” bandit, identified as a 44-year-old woman, was seen performing an elaborate yoga routine on the concrete in the early hours of March 3.

The Pre-Burglary Yoga Session

The woman, clad in all black with blonde hair, stretched and contorted her body with surprising agility. She stretched her groins, glutes, and back, holding poses with ease and balance. In one striking moment, she lay flat on her back in a star pose, her right hand reaching skyward and her other limbs suspended in the air.

The Break-In

After her yoga session, the woman rose and walked into the bakery. Minutes later, CCTV footage captured her leaving with a haul that included pastries, a pair of shoes, an iPad, and cleaning products.

A Sneak Preview of the Mission: Impossible Theme Song

In a jovial response, the bakery added a version of the “Mission: Impossible” theme song over the CCTV clip. The playful overlay added a touch of humor to the bizarre incident.

The Arrest and Charges

The agile bandit was later apprehended and charged with theft, burglary, and going equipped to steal. She remains in custody as investigations continue.

Reactions from the Community

The quirky nature of the incident has stirred a range of reactions from the community. Some netizens have speculated that the woman was trying to work off the calories of the pastries before stealing them. Others have compared her to Catherine Zeta Jones’ character in the heist movie “Entrapment.”

The Fate of the Stolen Goods

While it is unclear if the iPad or shoes were recovered, the stolen pastries were likely consumed long before the arrest. The bakery remains in good spirits despite the unfortunate incident.

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