Banned from the Happiest Place on Earth? Disneyland’s Crackdown on Fraudulent Disability Access


Disneyland has unveiled major changes to its Disability Access Service (DAS) program, aiming to address widespread misuse. The theme park announced strict measures for those who falsely claim disabilities to gain unfair advantages.

Misuse Runs Rampant

In recent years, the DAS program has faced increasing abuse. Guests have allegedly used it to skip standby lines, claiming disabilities they did not have. This has led to frustration among genuine visitors who rely on the service.

Disneyland’s Response: Lifetime Bans

Disneyland, determined to curb this behavior, has announced that guests who lie during the DAS registration process will face severe consequences. Effective immediately, they will be permanently banned from both Disneyland in Anaheim and its sister park in Orlando.

“We take the misuse of our DAS program very seriously,” said a park spokesperson. “Those who abuse this system are not only violating our rules but also taking advantage of individuals with genuine disabilities who rely on the service.”

New Registration Process

Along with the ban, Disneyland has implemented a new registration process for the DAS program. Guests will now have to provide documentation and undergo an interview to verify their disability.

“We understand that this may create some inconvenience,” the spokesperson acknowledged. “However, we believe it is necessary to ensure we are providing a fair and accessible experience for all guests.”

Disney’s Commitment to Accessibility

Disneyland emphasized its unwavering commitment to accessibility for guests with disabilities. The park said it would continue working to develop and improve the DAS program to meet the needs of genuine visitors.

Support for the Change

The new measures have been met with mixed reactions. Some guests applaud Disneyland for taking action against misuse.

“It’s about time Disneyland did something about this,” said Sarah, a Disneyland regular. “There are people who have real disabilities, and they’re the ones who should be using this program.”

Others expressed concern about the potential for false accusations.

“I’m worried that people will be falsely accused,” said John. “The verification process needs to be fair and thorough.”


Disneyland’s new DAS program changes mark a significant shift for the theme park. The lifetime ban for misuse is a bold move that sends a clear message: lying to gain advantages will not be tolerated. With these new measures in place, Disneyland aims to ensure that its DAS program remains a valuable resource for guests with genuine disabilities while deterring those seeking to exploit the system.

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