Comedian’s Year-Long Fightback: Battling Burglars and Rebuilding a Business


Daniel Lobell: A Year of Recovery and Comeback After Business Burglary

A Devastating Blow and Resilience In Wake of Burglary

Nearly a year after a devastating burglary that left him shaken and deprived him of essential equipment, comedian and podcast host Daniel Lobell has found his footing again, thanks in part to the community’s support and the generosity of friends and industry partners.

The burglary, which occurred on the night of May 4, 2023, left Lobell with a loss of around ,000 in stolen electronics and recording equipment, including essential tools for his popular podcast, “We Think It’s Funny.” The Podcastbus, a mobile recording studio parked behind his West Los Angeles home, was targeted by the burglar, who made off with a treasure trove of items.

Rebounding with the Support of Community and Industry

“I was down,” said Lobell about the aftermath of the robbery. “I considered moving back to the East Coast and quitting.”

However, Lobell was encouraged to persevere by his friend and co-host, Mark Schiff, and with the support of the community, he began to rebuild. A GoFundMe campaign raised significant funds, and Lobell received support from the Jewish community, an insurance settlement, and donations from audio technology company Rode, which provided him with essential equipment like headphones.

Gratitude and Recognition

“I was humbled by the love and support,” said Lobell.

The comedian expressed his deep appreciation for everyone who contributed to his recovery, including the Los Angeles Police Department, which he credited with conducting a thorough investigation.

The Show Must Go On: A Star-Studded Production

Never one to let adversity get in the way of progress, Lobell has continued to produce “We Think It’s Funny,” which has a lineup of upcoming guests that includes Margaret Cho, Paul Reiser, and Caroline Rhea.

“The show must go on,” declared Lobell. “And I’m thrilled to have such amazing talent joining us.”

Daniel Lobell’s story is a testament to resilience, the power of community, and the importance of not giving up on your dreams.

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