House Chaos: Greene’s Shock Move to Oust Speaker Johnson


House Halts Attempt to Unseat Speaker Johnson

Divided House Rejects Motion to Oust Johnson

In a dramatic showdown on the House floor, an effort led by Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene and Thomas Massie to force a vote on ousting Speaker Mike Johnson was swiftly quashed by a bipartisan majority.

Greene’s Motion Fails

Greene’s motion to “vacate the chair” and initiate the process of removing Johnson from his post as speaker was met with resistance from both Republicans and Democrats. House Majority Leader Steve Scalise immediately called for a vote to “table” the motion, effectively preventing it from proceeding to a full vote.

Overwhelming Support for Johnson

The vote to table the motion passed overwhelmingly, with 359 House members voting in favor and only 43 opposing. Johnson secured support from 196 Republicans and 163 Democrats, demonstrating a remarkable show of bipartisanship.

Republican Disapproval

Despite the vote’s outcome, Greene remained defiant, accusing Johnson of aligning with Democrats and losing the support of his own party. However, her accusation is contradicted by the overwhelming support Johnson received from both sides of the aisle.

Long-Standing Frustration

Greene’s and Massie’s push to remove Johnson stems from their dissatisfaction with his handling of government funding and foreign aid. They have criticized his willingness to compromise with Democrats, claiming it has weakened the Republican position.

Democrats Blocking Johnson’s Removal

House Democrats have pledged to support Johnson by voting to table any resolution attempting to oust him. This procedural move allows them to block his removal without directly voting in favor of retaining him.

Johnson’s Response

Johnson has remained resolute in his position, stating that he is focused on governing and not intimidated by Greene’s threats. Despite the standoff, the Republican side erupted in cheers when the vote to table was announced.

Republican Dissension

Although Greene’s motion failed, it highlights ongoing divisions within the Republican Party. The support for Johnson’s removal from some GOP members reflects the party’s struggle to unify. However, with a razor-thin majority of two seats, Johnson faces the risk of losing his leadership if too many Republicans defect.

Greene’s Decision Uncertain

Greene has declined to comment on whether she intends to push for another vote to remove Johnson. The failed motion has put her on notice, and it remains to be seen how she will proceed in her efforts to unseat the House speaker.

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