Pritzker Family Funds Vulnerable House Democrats and Anti-Semitic Groups


Political Complexities: Funding Questions Cast Shadows Over Democratic Elections

The Pritzker Family: A Controversial Philanthropic Powerhouse

At the heart of this political quagmire is the esteemed Pritzker family, the affluent owners of Hyatt Hotels Corporation. Their wealth and influence extend far beyond their business ventures. According to Federal Election Commission (FEC) data, members of the Pritzker clan have generously donated hundreds of thousands of dollars this election cycle to Democratic incumbents and organizations, including the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and House Majority PAC. These entities share a common mission: to gain a majority in the House of Representatives.

Unravelling the Anti-Jewish Protest Funding Connections

Simultaneously, the Pritzker family has extended its financial support to organizations involved in the sweeping anti-Jewish protests that have marred college campuses and cities nationwide. Such gatherings have ignited widespread condemnation and led to numerous arrests. Politico’s recent report illuminated the existence of the Libra Foundation, an entity established by the Pritzkers. This foundation funnels funds to smaller organizations, many of which have played an active role in these protests.

  1. The Climate Justice Alliance: This group has organized protests and employed the contentious moniker “Genocide Joe” to criticize President Biden’s stance on Israel’s conflict with Hamas.
  2. Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity: Politico highlighted this group’s involvement in promoting anti-Israel demonstrations.
  3. Immigrant Defense Project: This organization participated in a Washington, D.C. protest that resulted in arrests.

A Deeper Exploration of the Ties

The Pritzker family’s reach extends beyond the Libra Foundation. Together with liberal billionaire George Soros, they support the Tides Foundation, a prominent left-wing organization that funds progressive groups. One such recipient of Tides Foundation grants is the Adalah Justice Project, which participated in the recently dispersed Columbia University protest.

Democratic Beneficiaries: Who Received the Funding?

The Democratic incumbents who have benefited from the Pritzker family’s financial contributions represent a diverse range of districts. These include:

  • Mary Peltola (D-Alaska)
  • Mike Levin (D-California)
  • Eric Sorensen (D-Illinois)
  • Sharice Davids (D-Kansas)
  • Gabe Vasquez (D-New Mexico)
  • Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio)
  • Susan Wild (D-Pennsylvania)
  • Matt Cartwright (D-Pennsylvania)
  • Chris Deluzio (D-Pennsylvania)
  • Marie Gluesenkamp Perez (D-Washington)