Speaker Johnson’s Fate Hangs in the Balance after Tense Meeting with Greene and Massie


Conservative Uprising: Greene and Massie Step Back from Johnson Ouster Push

A Path Forward?

In a surprising turn of events, Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Thomas Massie appear to be backing away from their threat to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson. After two meetings with Johnson, the conservative duo is giving him a chance to address their demands.

Demands and Deadlines

Greene and Massie presented Johnson with a list of demands that included ceasing all aid to Ukraine, defunding the investigation into former President Trump, and ensuring no bills would pass without majority GOP support. They also requested commitments to cut federal spending by September 30th.

Deliberation and Response

Greene stated that the negotiations were ongoing and that Johnson understood his obligation as the Republican Speaker. She noted that the discussions were about “things that serve the American people and the majority that gave us the majority.” Massie emphasized the need for a timely resolution, stating that Johnson would be better off having a vote and moving forward instead of delaying it indefinitely.

Negotiations and Meetings

Greene hinted at a possible third meeting, saying she expected Johnson to present action items and solutions during their next encounter. Johnson described their conversations as a normal part of his interactions with members, adding that he was “talking through ideas and suggestions.”

The Architect of Dissent

Joining Greene and Massie is Rep. Paul Gosar, the third House Republican actively pushing for Johnson’s removal. Their opposition stems from Johnson’s handling of foreign aid and government spending, which they believe has sidelined the needs of their constituents.

Johnson’s Defense

Despite the pressure, Johnson has consistently cited his slim majority and the limitations of his powers as he attempts to negotiate. He emphasized the need to balance the interests of different factions within the GOP and to work with the Democrat-controlled White House and Senate.

Unresolved Tensions

The situation remains fluid, with the conservative rebels holding off on a vote for now. The outcome of the negotiations will determine whether Johnson can satisfy their demands and maintain his grip on the Speakership or face a potential challenge that could further divide the Republican Party.