The Downfall of FreedomWorks: Trumped or Dumped?


Conservative Influential Group, FreedomWorks, Disbands Amidst Trump-Era Ideological Shifts

The Rise and Fall of FreedomWorks

The once-influential conservative organization, FreedomWorks, has bid farewell, blaming the upheaval caused by former President Donald Trump for its demise. Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks’ President, announced the immediate dissolution of the group in an interview with LA News Center.

Since 2022, FreedomWorks had witnessed a significant drop in revenue and a staff reduction of nearly half. The last day for its remaining staff members was Wednesday.

Trump’s Ideological Divide

Brandon attributed FreedomWorks’ downfall to the ideological divisions fostered by Trump’s rise. He cited a growing divide between classical libertarian-leaning conservatives and the populist supporters of Trump, known as “MAGA.”

“Our previous base has aged, and newer activists brought in by Trump tend to be more populist, leading to a shift in our base,” Brandon explained. This shift was evident within FreedomWorks’ own membership, which witnessed the formation of opposing factions supporting and opposing Trump.

Fundraising Challenges

The ideological schism also impacted FreedomWorks’ fundraising efforts. Donors demanded to know how the organization supported Trump, while others complained about its perceived leniency towards the former president. This created an impossible situation for Brandon, leaving him unable to appease both sides.

Loss of Support

According to FreedomWorks board member Paul Beckner, the organization held a neutral stance towards Trump, aligning with his policies when they coincided with its conservative principles. However, Beckner observed a decline in conservative donors due to the ideological unrest.

A New Beginning

Despite the closure of FreedomWorks, Brandon plans to launch a new libertarian-leaning organization catering to politically independent millennials and Generation Z. The organization will focus on promoting freedom and limited government.

A Legacy of Influence

FreedomWorks played a pivotal role in shaping the conservative landscape and spurring the tea party movement. However, the rise of Trump and the subsequent ideological divide proved too significant a challenge to overcome.

As the organization closes its doors, it leaves behind a legacy of advocacy for conservative values and a reminder that ideological shifts can significantly impact political movements.

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