Did ’70s Thoroughbred Superhorse Secretariat Use Steroids? NFL Star Apologizes for Claims


Jason Kelce Apologizes for Claims About Secretariat Using Steroids

The Controversial Theory and Subsequent Backtracking

Former Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce has retracted his controversial remarks alleging that Secretariat, the iconic Triple Crown winner, used steroids during his historic triumphs.

The Initial Podcast Discussion

On the May 8 edition of the “New Heights” podcast, which Kelce co-hosts with his brother Travis, the retired NFL offensive lineman cited Secretariat’s speed records as evidence of his steroid use, stating that the horse was “juiced to the gills.”

Concerns and Criticisms

Kelce’s comments were met with backlash, prompting him to double down on his claim, highlighting Secretariat’s “unparalleled muscular stature” and the prevalence of steroids in racing at the time.

“But the fact this horse had unparalleled muscular stature and died with an enlarged heart, and raced at a time when steroids were extremely prevalent, without adequate testing, raises flags in my book,” Kelce wrote in a social media post.

Apology and Acknowledgement of Unfairness

However, Kelce later recanted his claims, expressing regret for causing a stir. “I’m sorry, everyone,” he wrote on Twitter on May 9. “Wasn’t trying to get people riled up.”

He acknowledged the unfairness of making such assumptions publicly without concrete proof.

Comparison to Barry Bonds and Performance-Enhancing Drugs

To support his initial claim, Kelce referred to former Major League Baseball slugger Barry Bonds’ connection to performance-enhancing drugs. He suggested that Bonds’ achievements should still be recognized even with his PED usage.

“We all know Bonds juiced,” Kelce wrote in a reply to a user on Twitter. “But he’s still the greatest hitter of all time in my opinion. He also did it the against a large amount of players who were also juiced.”

Secretariat’s Legacy and the Enduring Speed Records

Despite the controversy, Secretariat’s speed records in the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes remain unchallenged for more than five decades. These records have solidified the legendary horse’s status as one of the greatest racehorses of all time.

Data sourced from: foxnews.com