Drew Bledsoe’s Wife’s Hilarious Joke Crushes Tom Brady


Tom Brady’s Netflix Roast: Bledsoe’s Gisele Joke Had a Hidden Hand

Former NFL star quarterback Drew Bledsoe faced intense scrutiny during Netflix’s roast of Tom Brady, but proved he was also a master of dishing it out.

Bledsoe’s Zingers and His Wife’s Collaboration

During his set, Bledsoe commented on Brady’s uncanny ability to avoid getting sacked during his career. However, he couldn’t resist a jab at Brady’s recent divorce from supermodel Gisele Bündchen.

“Obviously, buddy, you got really used to not being touched — just like the end of the marriage,” he quipped.

However, Bledsoe later revealed that his Bündchen joke had a hidden hand behind it: his wife.

“One of the funniest humans I know [my wife] helped out,” Bledsoe said. “And I’m gonna get in really, really big trouble for this, but I’m willing to wear it. The Gisele joke, that actually came from my wife. Don’t tell her I told you.”

Reactions to the Roast

While some found Bledsoe’s jokes hilarious, others, including Bündchen herself, expressed disappointment. Sources close to her reported that she was “deeply disappointed” with the jokes directed at her, and that their children were also “affected.”

In contrast, Brady appeared to take the jokes in stride, even participating in a few himself.

The Kids’ Perspective

Despite the potential for the roast to turn sour, Bledsoe believes that Brady’s children may have taken the jokes with a grain of salt.

“I think the kids are probably like, ‘Oh, it’s just a roast,'” he said. “They know it’s all in good fun.”


Drew Bledsoe’s Netflix roast of Tom Brady provided a unique glimpse into the personal and professional dynamics of the two former teammates. While some of the jokes may have stung, it’s clear that the athletes and their families have a strong bond that can weather even the most scathing of barbs.

Data sourced from: foxnews.com