Avalanche Traps Skiers on Utah Peak: Fate Unknown


Peril on Lone Peak: Two Skiers Vanish in Avalanche

In a chilling twist of fortune, two skiers remain unaccounted for after an avalanche thundered down the slopes of Lone Peak, Utah, on Thursday. A third skier, initially reported missing, has since been rescued from the snow’s icy grip.

Cornered by Nature’s Fury

Emergency crews raced to the scene shortly after 10:00 AM, following reports of an avalanche near Lone Peak in the Wasatch Range, just southeast of Salt Lake City. Sheriff Rosie Rivera confirmed that three skiers were originally reported missing, but one of them managed to dig himself free from the snowpack.

A Ray of Hope Amidst the Storm

The rescued skier was immediately airlifted off the mountain and rushed to a local hospital for medical attention. While the skier’s condition remains undisclosed, their survival provides a glimmer of hope in this otherwise grim situation.

Uncertain Fate for Two

The fate of the remaining two skiers, however, is still unknown. Sheriff Rivera could not confirm whether they were buried during the avalanche, casting an ominous shadow over their chances of survival.

Nature’s Ire

According to Craig Gordon of the Utah Avalanche Center, the area had witnessed an alarming snowfall of over 30 inches and more than three inches of rain in the past three days. This heavy precipitation has heightened the risk of avalanches in the backcountry, creating a hazardous environment for skiers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Search Interrupted by Perilous Conditions

Despite their best efforts, rescue crews were unable to search for the missing skiers due to the treacherous conditions on the mountain. Instead, they had to prioritize mitigating any further risks to ensure the safety of both rescuers and the lost skiers.

Hope Amidst the Uncertainty

Sheriff Rivera expressed optimism that crews would be able to resume their search efforts on Lone Peak as soon as conditions improve, which is expected by Friday. The continued prayers and well wishes of the community are a beacon of support for the families and friends of the missing skiers.

Lone Peak Summit, Utah
Lone Peak, the scene of the terrifying avalanche. (Jon G. Fuller/VWPics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Avalanches: A Dangerous Reminder of Nature’s Power

Avalanches are a stark reminder of the treacherous power of nature. While they can be mesmerizing to behold, they also pose a significant threat to those who venture into their path. Proper precautions, such as staying informed about avalanche conditions and carrying essential safety equipment, are of paramount importance for those venturing into the backcountry.

LA News Center Team Coverage

The LA News Center team is closely monitoring the situation on Lone Peak and will continue to provide updates as they become available. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the missing skiers and their loved ones during this difficult time.