Iowa Facility Closes After Shocking Abuse Allegations


Iowa Facility for Disabled Citizens Shuts Down Amidst Allegations of Rights Violations

The Fate of Glenwood Resource Center and Its Residents

A state-run institution in Iowa dedicated to providing care for individuals with intellectual disabilities is shutting its doors permanently at the end of June. The Glenwood Resource Center, located in Glenwood, Iowa, has faced scathing federal investigations alleging violations of patients’ rights, leading to its closure.

This decision will impact 28 residents, who will be relocated by the end of the month. Additionally, 235 staff members have been notified of their impending layoffs. When the closure was first announced in 2022, the facility housed 152 patients and employed approximately 650 individuals.

Federal Indictment: Neglect and Rights Violations

Reports by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) have strongly condemned the state of Iowa’s treatment of its intellectually and developmentally disabled citizens. The DOJ alleges that Iowa has violated the federal Americans with Disabilities Act by failing to provide necessary services to facilitate their integration into communities.

Disturbing Revelations: Human Experiments and Abuse

A particularly alarming December 2020 report concluded that Glenwood Resource Center had breached the constitutional rights of residents by subjecting them to unethical human experiments, including sexually arousing research. Some of these experiments were deemed dangerous by federal investigators.

Relocation and Uncertain Future

The vast majority of Glenwood’s residents have already been transferred to community-based settings, including specialized residential facilities, group homes, nursing facilities, and hospice care. Concerned authorities estimate that the remaining 28 patients will have found new accommodations by the closure date. Some have been relocated to Iowa’s Woodward Resource Center, which has previously faced its own accusations of deficiencies in the past.

A Call for Improved Care and Oversight

The closure of the Glenwood Resource Center raises critical questions about the state of disability care and protections in Iowa. This case sheds light on the importance of providing adequate support, resources, and safeguards for individuals with disabilities to ensure their rights and well-being are prioritized.

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