CEO Exit Amid Restructuring Shakes Siemens Wind Power Unit


Siemens Energy Overhauls Wind Turbine Business, Appoints New CEO

A Fresh Start for Siemens Gamesa

LA News Center reports that Siemens Energy has announced major restructuring measures within its troubled wind turbine subsidiary, Siemens Gamesa. At the helm of these changes is the departure of current CEO Jochen Eickholt.

CEO Resignation and Successor Announcement

Eickholt, who held the CEO position for a relatively short period, mutually agreed with the Siemens Gamesa board to step down on July 31st. Taking his place will be Vinod Philip, bringing a wealth of experience to navigate the challenges facing the renewable energy firm.

Root of the Problems

Siemens Energy has suffered a tumultuous 2023, largely due to manufacturing defects at Gamesa, resulting in a colossal 4.6 billion euro loss. A subsequent investigation shed light on the source of these defects, indicating they predate Eickholt’s tenure as CEO.

Drawing a Line in the Sand

In an effort to reverse the downward spiral, Siemens Gamesa has implemented comprehensive restructuring and strategic development initiatives aimed at improving its operating margins. These measures mark a clear break from the past, paving the way for a new era within the wind turbine division.

The Evolving Wind Industry

The wind energy industry has witnessed rapid growth in recent years, becoming a formidable competitor to fossil fuels. Advancements in turbine technology have reduced costs and increased efficiency, minimizing the reliance on government subsidies.

However, last year’s issues at Gamesa raised concerns about potential industry-wide problems. Investors worried that the company’s struggles could signal a deeper malaise affecting the entire wind sector.

Siemens Energy’s Recovery

Despite the challenges faced by Gamesa, Siemens Energy reported a net income of 108 million euros for the last quarter. The company expressed optimism about the future, predicting stronger growth and positive cash development.


The shakeup at Siemens Gamesa signals a determination to address past issues and embark on a new path. The restructuring measures and CEO appointment are critical steps towards restoring stability and profitability to the wind turbine business. As the wind industry continues to evolve, Siemens Energy aims to regain its position as a leader in sustainable energy solutions.

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