Billionaire Landlord Faces 20 Years for Murder-for-Hire and Arson Plot


**California Man Sentenced to Two Decades for Murder-for-Hire and Arson Plots**

A Web of Deception and Violence

Arthur Raffy Aslanian, a 55-year-old from the San Gabriel Valley, has received a hefty sentence of 20 years in federal prison for his chilling role in an elaborate murder-for-hire scheme and arson attempts.

Court documents reveal that Aslanian, driven by vengeance and desperation, conspired with Sesar Rivera, 41, an employee of his, to eliminate two individuals who had wronged him in legal disputes.

The Targets: A Lawyer and a Litigant

First on Aslanian’s hit list was his former lawyer, M.Y., whom he owed over 1,000 in unpaid legal fees. Instead of fulfilling his financial obligation, Aslanian plotted to have him murdered.

The second target was S.E., a litigant who had triumphed over Aslanian in a legal battle involving the ownership of a home. Aslanian’s bitterness led him to seek revenge by hiring a hitman to eliminate his adversary.

The Plot Unravels

Through a chain of contacts, Rivera reached out to a gang member and convicted felon who was willing to carry out the murders for a fee. They held several meetings, during which Aslanian arranged for the payment of ,000 for each victim’s death.

However, justice prevailed when the intended hitman alerted law enforcement officials about the murder plot. They intervened, safeguarding the intended victims and setting a trap for Aslanian and Rivera.

Arson Attempts on Low-Income Tenants

In a separate act of cruelty, Aslanian devised an arson plan to force unwanted low-income tenants out of his North Hollywood apartment complex. He employed Rivera to pay an individual to set the building ablaze, effectively burning out his tenants.

The arson attempt succeeded, but subsequent investigations uncovered another failed arson attempt at the same property a few months earlier.

Justice Served

“This defendant believed he could avoid consequences by hiring a hitman to eliminate his rivals,” declared United States Attorney Martin Estrada. “Now, he will face the severe repercussions of his actions.”

Aslanian pleaded guilty to various charges, including murder-for-hire, arson conspiracy, and attempted arson, resulting in a 20-year prison sentence. Rivera, who cooperated with authorities, also pleaded guilty to conspiracy and use of interstate commerce facilities in the commission of murder-for-hire and will be sentenced in July.

This case stands as a stark reminder that resorting to violence and criminal acts will not be tolerated. Law enforcement will relentlessly pursue those who seek to settle disputes outside the boundaries of the law.