Deadly Consequences: Popular High School Game Raises Police Alarm


Multiple police departments across the country are issuing urgent warnings to parents and community members about a potentially dangerous game called “Senior Assassin” that’s sweeping high schools nationwide.

The Game of Elimination

Senior Assassin is an annual springtime tradition where participating high schoolers attempt to eliminate one another using water guns to spray their targets with水.

While the game’s rules prohibit trespassing or illegal activities on school grounds or within classrooms, it often spills over into public areas, where players engage in suspicious behavior that raises concerns.

Mistaken Identities and Deadly Consequences

The use of water guns by participants can resemble actual firearms, especially in instances where the weapons are designed to be realistic-looking. This has led to incidents where police officers responding to calls for suspicious activity were unable to determine whether the individuals were committing crimes or merely participating in the game, potentially putting lives at risk.

A Plea for Responsibility

Police departments are urging parents to talk to their children about the safety concerns associated with openly carrying squirt guns that look like firearms. They also emphasize the importance of obtaining permission before entering private property and being mindful of the fear that the game’s actions can instill in uninformed residents.

Examples from Across the Nation

Several police departments have reported incidents related to Senior Assassin:

  • In Arlington Heights, Illinois, a homeowner called police after witnessing a “man with a gun” running through their yard, leading to a significant police response.
  • In Gurnee, Illinois, teenagers wearing ski masks and carrying water guns resembling firearms entered a local restaurant, targeting other students and causing fear.
  • In Bartlett, Illinois, the police received multiple 911 calls from residents concerned about suspicious vehicles and individuals wearing masks or hoodies lurking around homes, with some participants trespassing on lawns and brandishing realistic-looking handguns.

Urgent Call to Action

Police departments across the country are emphasizing the potential for deadly consequences resulting from the Senior Assassin game.

  • Residents are advised to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to authorities.
  • Players are strongly urged to play responsibly and prioritize safety.
  • The “See Something, Say Something” initiative is crucial for maintaining community safety.

By understanding the risks associated with Senior Assassin and taking appropriate precautions, we can ensure that this annual tradition remains a harmless game without endangering lives.