Maine ‘Prank’ Turns Tragic: Doorbell Cam Captures Horrific Aftermath


Frantic Prank Goes Horribly Wrong: Woman Accused of Killing Boyfriend in Disturbing Doorbell Camera Footage

Bangor, Maine – A chilling new development has emerged in the tragic death of a Maine man, Daniel Ford-Coates, 24. His girlfriend, 20-year-old Olivia Babin, stands accused of negligent manslaughter, and the harrowing aftermath of the fatal incident has been captured on a doorbell camera.

Night of Terror

According to court documents, the horrific incident unfolded on April 2nd at around 4:30 a.m. in a Bangor residence. A newly released Nest doorbell video allegedly contains haunting recordings of the moments following the fatal gunshot.

In the audio, a distressed Babin is heard screaming repeatedly, “You’re not dead!” at the mortally wounded Ford-Coates. A witness can also be heard exclaiming, “Oh, f—,” as the gravity of the situation becomes apparent.

Evidence Unfolds

Investigators have uncovered a disturbing chain of events. A friend of the couple reported that Babin had taken Ford-Coates’ gun and removed the magazine, claiming she intended to scare tenants in the apartment below.

Tragically, Babin had failed to notice a round in the chamber and, in a cruel twist of fate, pointed the firearm at Ford-Coates’ forehead and pulled the trigger. An autopsy revealed contact burns on his forehead, confirming the fatal nature of the shot.

Falsehoods and Contradictions

Prosecutors allege that Babin provided inaccurate details of the incident to police, a claim supported by both witnesses and the doorbell camera footage. The evidence suggests she may have attempted to conceal her role in the shooting.

Alcohol and Drug Use

Investigators have confirmed that the group had been consuming alcohol and drugs prior to the fateful event. This information raises questions about whether impairment played a role in the tragic misunderstanding.

Justice Sought

Babin is currently being held on 0,000 bail at the Penobscot County Jail. She is expected to appear back in court on June 10th to face the charges of negligent manslaughter.

As the wheels of justice grind, the tragic events of that fateful night continue to reverberate through the community. The haunting audio and visual evidence serve as a chilling reminder of the devastating consequences that can arise from a misguided attempt at a prank.

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