UNC Professors Threaten Grade Withholding, University Responds with Warnings


UNC Faculty Caution: Withholding Grades Prohibited

Raleigh, NC – LA News Center has obtained exclusive information regarding a recent development at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-Chapel Hill). Amidst ongoing campus unrest, some professors planned a controversial protest by withholding students’ final grades. However, university officials have issued a stern warning against this action, threatening potential sanctions.

Professors’ Protest Plans

Following anti-Israel demonstrations on campus, university administration took disciplinary measures against participating students. In response, certain professors allegedly planned to express support for the suspended students by withholding grades for all students. They claimed that it was done out of solidarity with the suspended students, arguing that the university’s actions were unjust.

University Administration’s Response

In a joint statement, UNC-Chapel Hill Provost Chris Clemens and Graduate School Dean Beth Mayer-Davis made it clear that withholding grades is unacceptable and a violation of faculty responsibilities. They emphasized that submitting grades on time is a fundamental duty and essential for students’ academic success and various opportunities.

University’s Message to Faculty

“We are hearing concerns from students whose instructors have informed them they will withhold grades as part of a protest,” the statement read. “These students depend on the timely submission of their grades for graduation, jobs, and athletic eligibility.”

The administrators emphasized that grades hurt students and violate the university’s commitment to the people of North Carolina. They urged department chairs to ensure that faculty and graduate students fulfill their obligations without compromising students’ education.

Threat of Sanctions

The university expressed willingness to resolve the issue amicably, but it warned that any instructor found to have improperly withheld grades could face sanctions. The provost’s office vowed to support such measures.

Students’ Concerns

Students at UNC-Chapel Hill were understandably anxious about the potential impact of withheld grades on their academic progress and future opportunities. Some students expressed concern that it could delay their graduation or affect upcoming job applications.

Campus Unrest Spreads

The situation at UNC-Chapel Hill is not an isolated incident. Similar protests and campus unrest over anti-Israel demonstrations have occurred or are ongoing at other universities across the country. The issue has fueled debates about freedom of expression, campus safety, and the rights of students and faculty.

University’s Stance on Commencement

Despite the ongoing unrest, UNC-Chapel Hill has affirmed its determination to proceed with its scheduled commencement ceremony on May 11. The university aims to celebrate the achievements of its graduating students while acknowledging the challenges faced during the academic year.

Data sourced from: foxnews.com