Biden’s Controversial Sign: Cross Blessing or Abortion Endorsement?


Biden’s Cross Gesture Sparks Religious Controversy at Abortion Rally

Tampa, Florida – President Joe Biden sparked outrage among religious leaders and anti-abortion activists when he made the Sign of the Cross during a speech condemning abortion restrictions.

Political Posturing or Genuine Belief?

Biden’s gesture came as Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried criticized Governor Ron DeSantis for signing a six-week abortion ban. Amidst Fried’s address, Biden was seen motioning the cross on his forehead, chest, and shoulders.

CatholicVote President Brian Burch labeled Biden’s actions as a “disgusting insult” to Christians, particularly Catholics whom the president claims to belong to. Burch asserted that the Sign of the Cross is a sacred gesture of blessing, forgiveness, and protection from temptation, not an endorsement of abortion.

Religious Dissonance

Despite Biden’s self-proclaimed devout Catholicism, his political stance on abortion conflicts with the Church’s teachings. Last week, Michigan Bishop Robert Gruss denounced Biden’s perceived misunderstanding of the Catholic faith, calling him “stupid” in the sense of ignorance.

Bishop Gregory Parkes, whose diocese covers Tampa, declined to comment on Biden’s abortion rally directly but pointed to his recent statement on Catholic abortion teachings.

Clash with Florida Referendum

Amendment Four, proposed by Florida pro-choice groups, seeks to ensure abortion rights up to viability or when necessary for the patient’s health. The Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops strongly opposes the amendment, urging voters to protect the unborn and women from the “harms of abortion.”

Election Stakes

As the November elections approach, both sides of the abortion debate are framing the issue in religious terms. Burch warns voters of faith to “wake up” to the alleged threat to Christianity posed by the “new abortion religion.”

In contrast, supporters of abortion rights argue that it is a matter of reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy, not religious dogma. They maintain that the government should not interfere with personal medical decisions.

As the debate intensifies, Biden’s Sign of the Cross gesture has ignited a heated discussion about the intersection of religion, politics, and abortion.